Your Story

It's all about

For me to tell a story that connects with the customer, I have to first connect with the client.

You’re passionate about your business and the need it fills for customers. And the story behind all of that – is key.

By learning about you and your company from the inside out, I’ll discover that story and then translate it into exceptionally relevant audio, visuals and narrative that sells, driving your ideal customers to click.

telling your story.

We live in a
time of visuals

The statistics are clear. Video is king and it’s imperative that you can tell and sell your story through it.

You might not know exactly what you need – but you know you need it. 

Feature film, 15-second TikTok and anything in between – we create the right visual, at the right time, for the right audience.

Meet Jeff

the engine
driving your
brand story

From Hollywood to the Motor City, I’ve spent decades crafting brand stories. In all its forms, I’ve studied the nuances of the fast-paced and ever-changing approaches to sharing narrative, through video, to diverse range of audiences.

No matter the capacity of your project, I operate at any and all levels of the video-production pipeline. Whether I’m behind the camera, in front of it, in the editing bay, or anywhere in between, I’ll be your guide throughout the whole process.